Several years ago, the founders of ViaMari watched as the Destination Club model came to fruition. The Industry grew with a handful of dominant companies developing impressive portfolios of homes, while adding an equally impressive number of new members. During this growth it was clear that to be competitive, clubs needed to offer their members experiences which were superior in some way to the competition. Several clubs attempted to add a yachting experience to their portfolio of homes simply to find that maintaining a depreciating asset with significantly higher operating costs simply did not work for them. Understanding there was a need to provide an affordable yachting component for the members, ViaMari set out to develop a turnkey set of solutions which could be offered to various destination Clubs and Private Residence Club programs which offered their members a world class yachting experience.  Now, with over a dozen yachts ranging between 60’ to 115’ in size, ViaMari has become the largest Yacht based destination Club Program in the world.