Quite simply the best way to cruise

Without question, few experiences compare with seeing the world while aboard a private yacht. Purposely designed to give members the very best in luxury, adventure and service, ViaMari’s yacht club concept is unparalleled in the industry, and our International Club is our premier membership offering. A selection of 80’-120’ yachts that reside in the rarest waters on Earth gives you access to the Mediterranean, the Adriatic, even the South Pacific, in a fully crewed ultra-luxe experience.

Put on your tux, and have the captain tender you ashore for the red carpet at Cannes.

Make sure you have a floating 5 star accommodation for the Summer Olympics in London or Rio.

Visit relatives in a foreign country, and be able to host them for dinner in relaxed sophistication at “your place”.

ViaMari’s International Club can be many things. What it will never be is common. Even in the world of luxury travel, haute cuisine, and A-list events, ViaMari’s flag shows a little brighter against the blue horizon.  Join us, and see the world from a new perspective.