Frequently asked Questions

Q. What is ViaMari?

A. ViaMari is a Private Yacht Club which maintains a fleet of high-end luxury yachts for the exclusive use of its Members.
Designed after the “Country Club” business model, members pay an upfront deposit and annual dues to cover expenses. These figures will vary depending on the amount of access to the club’s yachts each member desires.

The yachts are appropriate to the waters and boating needs of a specific region, with member’s desires taken into consideration as we place our fleet.

The Regional club fleet will contain a combination of Sunseeker Yachts ranging between 50’ and 82’ for the private and exclusive use of its members. International club yachts will start at 75’ and go up.


Q. How are the yachts maintained?

A. The yachts and crewed are managed by Sunseeker Yacht Management, based in Newport Beach, CA.  Sunseeker Yacht Group is also the  exclusive dealer for Sunseeker Yachts on the west Coast providing ViaMari exclusively with brokerage yachts. This allows ViaMari to maintain the newest yachts which are meticulously maintained for our members.


Q: What do I own as a member?

A. Membership in ViaMari is not an ownership or equity position. While your membership has intrinsic value based on the access and experience it affords you, ViaMari makes no claim to be an investment vehicle. Your rights as a ViaMari member are covered in detail in the membership documents, which also cover such important things as deposit refund, survivorship and club dissolution.


Q. How often can I use a yacht as a Member and for what duration?

A. You can reserve a yacht anytime there is one available and you have time left on your membership. Each member chooses their level of participation based on the amount of days they anticipate using, and the regional club that best fits their needs. ViaMari has designed a proprietary reservation system which manages the days and reservations per member, without playing favorites, to ensure that every member has the proper opportunity to access the time they want. Reservations can be made for  7 days or less, with a day on each end for cleaning/maintenance. Peak reservations allow a minimum of 4 days, Holiday Reservations, 7 days. Non-peak reservations are 3 days (including a weekend) or 2 days (Mon-Thu).


Q. Can I allow friends or family to use my Yacht time?

A. Yes, though certain restrictions and/or fees may apply. The proper care and use of the ViaMari fleet is paramount to making the club work. Renting your days or chartering your days is against the by-laws and will result in expulsion from the club and loss of deposit. However, allowing colleagues to access a few days, or sending your favorite nephew off for a honeymoon is acceptable provided it is done within the limits outlined in the club rules and regulations. 


Q. Can I increase or decrease my level of membership?

A.  Of course. Initially, any additional days that you wish to stay at sea will be billable at a “pass-through” cost of $30/yachtfoot/day. (This is an approximate number made to simplify the process for members, and will not be reviewed). For example, extra days on a 60’ Manhattan will cost $1800/day + fuel and provisions. This is allowed up to 3 days annually. After the 3rd extra-use day, members must add an additional week to their membership plan to keep the financial model within pre-determined tolerance range.

Likewise, if members determine they won’t use their membership as much, they can scale back their allotted days, as well as their allotted annual dues. Specifics are discussed in the rules and regulations.


Q. How much is a ViaMari Membership?

A. There are various membership levels, including a regional club membership and an international club membership. At the moment, regional club memberships are the only ones being offered.

They begin at $79,950 for a week, and go up depending on the amount of weeks desired. Discounts were given for early boarding members, but are no longer available.


Q. Are there annual costs associated with my membership?

A. Yes, two costs are assessed annually.

1) Dues, which pay for all costs associated with a fully crewed ViaMari experience regardless of the number of days or yacht type used.
2) PEF or Product Enhancement Fee, which is how ViaMari assesses for the deprecation of the fleet.

The yachts are scheduled to be in the fleet for between four to six years. Once a yacht is retired, it will be sold, and the proceeds will be used to replace it. Because yachts are depreciating assets, the PEF is used to off-set the difference between the value of a boat when ViaMari sells it, and the cost of its replacement. The PEF insures the fleet will always maintain newer model yachts.

Note: The “all-in” cost of the Dues and PEF are still considerably less than full yacht ownership, traditional fractional yacht ownership programs or charter options.